Made with love and respect

Freshly harvested unprocessed vegetables and fruits

Our ingredients are sourced directly from selected farmers practicing ethical farming, ensuring the freshness and safety of our raw vegetables and fruits to meet your quality expectations.

Precisely sliced to size

You'll notice the skill and expertise of our trained kitchen staff in uniformly cutting vegetables and fruits, ensuring consistent shapes.

Crafting our unique blend of spices

We create our special masala using high-quality spices. This manually roasted traditional formula, passed down through generations, echoes the flavors reminiscent of your grandmother's cooking.

Marinated using traditional methods

We avoid complexity and shortcuts, opting for carefully chosen ingredients marinated in the tried-and-true traditional manner.


SekharNew York

Having firmly rooted ourselves as dedicated adherents to India's customs, traditions, and culinary heritage, we now find ourselves residing in New York. It's impossible to acquire everything we used to enjoy while in India, so I continuously searched for novel alternatives.

Sneha PLos Angeles

Being a food enthusiast, I am always in search of unique and genuine flavours, particularly the flavours of south India particularly those that evoke the flavors of South India

AnuPriya kChicago

As someone who grew up with homemade pickles, finding the same taste and texture in a foreign land seemed impossible. That was until I tried Apt Home Foods' pickles.